Stitchery & Patchwork Patterns

Quilter’s Closet offer a generous range of stitchery and patchwork patterns for beginners and advanced quilters alike, allowing you to choose a style and difficulty that best suits you. All products can easily be ordered from our online store and delivered to your doorstep, allowing you to start on your project with minimal hassle, whether it’s an embroidered home décor item or a personalised patchwork quilt. Stitchery makes for a gorgeous home décor item, being ideal to display in frames throughout the home or in the form of a cushion or quilt. Bearing this in mind, Quilter’s Closet have collected an extensive range of beautifully-designed stitchery patterns that make for the perfect home décor piece or handmade gift for a loved one. These stitchery patterns include ‘Welcome Home’ designs, mandalas, Christmas patterns and friendship designs, to name just a few. Stitchery not only allows you to express yourself creatively, but also makes for a beautiful, handmade present to give to your loved ones. Regardless of your budget, skill level, preferences or what your stitchery is going to be used for, Quilter’s Closet will stock a stitchery pattern to suit. Patchwork is another beautiful craft that makes for a perfect gift or home décor item, with a variety of colourful designs and patterns being possible. Quilter’s Closet stock an extensive range of patchwork patterns and fabrics, allowing you to choose your own combination for your patchwork quilt. With unique patchwork patterns available, you can mix and match your favourite designs to create a truly custom patchwork quilt. These patchwork patterns include meaningful quotes, nature-inspired designs, adorable gingerbread designs, Christmas-themed patterns and more! Whatever the occasion or purpose, Quilter’s Closet will have a patchwork or stitchery pattern to suit.