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In January 2018, we launched our online store after feeling the need to purchase quilting fabrics on a much grander scale. Whilst Tracey enjoys sewing and patchwork, she actually prefers shopping for the fabrics more, and are sure a lot of you can relate. After that, we established our first store in Bunyip, Victoria, before moving to Warragul, and subsequently to Garfield, a thriving community in Gippsland, in 2023. 

We are renowned for offering a wide variety of fabrics; there is something to suit every taste.  Numerous customers have praised the gorgeous selection of materials we have. Our mail-order service is prompt; we’ll send your order the same day you call, or as soon as your internet order has been received. We value your business and strive to provide excellent customer service.  Additionally, we provide maintenance and repairs for sewing machines, usually with a 2 week turnaround.

We also provide a variety of quilt kits, haberdashery, and threads for both sewing and embroidery. Visit our store in person or browse online.  Ask for help if you need it with any of your online decisions, and we’ll provide you the best guidance we can.

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