Kids Pyjama knits

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Are you looking to make some homemade kids pyjamas? Whether it’s for your kids or grandkids, nieces or nephews, or even the child of a close friend, The Quilter’s Closet can help you. Step inside The Quilter’s Closet for all the inspiration and supplies you need for the job. From dressmaking to pyjamas, we have the fabrics, patterns, colours, materials, tools and accessories you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re doing it for the first time or you’re a seasoned professional, The Quilter’s Closet is the team you can turn to for Kids pyjama knits. Explore our range now and contact our team for any further information or inspiration you require. The professionals at The Quilter’s Closet are here to help you!

Explore Our Exciting Range of Kids Pyjama Knits

We stock a boutique range of high quality Kids pyjama knits in a variety of themes, patterns, and colours. Whether your child loves dinosaurs or the ballet, there’s something in our range for you. The knits available from The Quilter’s Closet include:
  • Cat face knits
  • Dinosaur knits
  • Mouse ballerina knits
  • Mystical land knits
  • Panda knits in a range of colours
  • Open road knits, which feature a variety of floral designs
  • Woodland pink knits
  • Click on any of the knits on this page to explore the designs in greater detail. Our Kids pyjama kits are made with 9% cotton and 5% spandex, and are available in a 140cm (56”) width. Shop online now for your Kids pyjama knits or contact The Quilter’s Closet for any enquiries you may have.